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Create Your Own doTERRA Graphics to Attract New Customers & Builders

Easy design tips to help you create your own beautiful and effective doTERRA graphics for your social media feed.

doTERRA essential oil graphics are one of the most highly sought after resources among Wellness Advocates, because sharing beautiful graphics is key in helping you attract new customers and builders to your business!

However, finding doTERRA graphics that actually fit your style and meet your posting needs are sometimes hard to come by.

We’re sure you’ve found yourself thinking, I love this graphic but… if only it said this, or if only it were a picture of this oil instead

As a Wellness Advocate of nearly 10 years, I used to spend countless hours scrolling through different pages on Google search or on social media to find the right graphics to post. Until I decided to start making my own! Check out these tips to learn how you can design your own doTERRA graphics too!

You don’t have to be an expert designer to make your own great looking doTERRA graphics.

Here are 5 easy design tips to get you started:

1) You don’t have to design from scratch

It’s okay to cheat a little and use pre-made templates, or use other posts as inspiration to make your own. Just be sure to make them your own! For example, take inspiration from the content, but change the design, font, colors, pictures etc. It’s never a good idea to make an exact copy of someone else’s work unless you have their permission.

Here are a couple templates you can try for FREE when you sign up with your email on Essentially Empowering

Pre-made Canva templates from Essentially Empowering are a great way to start creating your own designs. There are many styles and post types to choose from! 

The free tutorial below will teach you how to edit and customize Canva Templates from Essentially Empowering.

Canva Tutorials for doTERRA Wellness Advocates
Learn how to edit and customize Canva Templates from Essentially Empowering

2) Make sure your message is clear

Before you design your own doTERRA graphics, it is important to know what message you want to convey, or what goal you want to accomplish by posting the graphic. 

Then make sure that your message is clearly conveyed in the graphic, both by choosing the right photos, and by choosing the right bold and “eye-catching” title. Clear messaging will help you attract new doTERRA customers and builders.

The doTERRA graphics template below is an example of using the correct photos to deliver a clear message that will attract new customers and builders.

Free Essential Oil Resources doTERRA
doTERRA Graphics – Canva Template – Mood Matrix – Social Media Bundle

3) “White Space” is very important

White space, also referred to as negative space, is the empty areas around a title, a body of text, a photo, or a graphic. It is important to give your design room to breathe! 

Why is white space important? It makes it easier to direct the viewer’s attention to one thing at a time. This makes it easier to convey the message you want to communicate with your post, which is key in attracting new customers and builders to your doTERRA business.

To learn more about working with white space, and for practice developing this design skill, be sure to check out this Working With White Space – Hands-On Tutorial

Free Essential Oil Resources doTERRA

4) Avoid busy backgrounds

There is nothing worse in graphic design than a busy background. Background images with too much going on can distract from the desired message, and sometimes even make it hard to read the text on the design. Potential customers can become overwhelmed by busy graphics, or worse, scroll past them completely!

When using a photo as a background, we recommend the following:

  • Choose a background image that has some “white space” or negative space, like a solid color on part of the photo, and position that part of the photo behind your text.
  • Add a shape of some kind behind your text to block the background from behind your text and make the desired message stand out.
  • Adjust the transparency on the background image to make it more subtle. This only works if the photo is on the less busy side – If your font is bold enough, this technique can work without adding a shape behind your text.
  • Avoid using the busy photo as a background entirely. Instead, use a solid color background and incorporate the photo somewhere else in the graphic.

Here are some examples of what to do vs. what not to do when using a background photo in your graphics:

5) Implement a “call-to-action” into your design

A call to action is something that invites your target audience to take action on your post, by commenting, messaging you, tagging a friend, etc. 

For example, adding text like “comment below if an extra $250-1500/month would improve your life” or “tag a friend who would benefit from better sleep” are great call-to-actions that will actively generate leads and grow your doTERRA business using social media.

This Canva template here is an example of how to implement a call-to-action into your doTERRA graphics:

Morning Squeeze Set 2 – Canva Template – Essential Oil Facts

Free Essential Oil Resources doTERRA
See the Call-to-Action in the last graphic of this post?

By following these five easy steps, and taking advantage of the Canva templates on Essentially Empowering, you’ll be designing your own doTERRA graphics like a pro in no time! Check out Essentially Empowering tutorials for more video training and hands-on design practice!


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