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5 Easy Tips to Grow Your doTERRA Business Using Social Media

Attract new doTERRA customers and find builders with these simple social media tips

Attracting new customers and finding new builders. We’ve asked time and time again what the biggest struggles of building a doTERRA business are, and the answer is almost always finding new builders and attracting more customers, or some variation of that.

With the major shift these past several years to building a doTERRA business online, social media has become a key factor in attracting customers and finding builders

Are you overwhelmed by hashtags and reels? Do words like algorithm and search engine optimization make your head spin? Take a deep breath, and take things one baby step at a time. We are here to help.

Check out these 5 simple tips on how to use social media to boost your doTERRA business:

1) Post eye catching designs

Graphic design plays an important role in attracting new customers and builders to your doTERRA business! 

Good graphic design will make you come across as professional, and cause people to want to work with you, simply because it looks like you know what you are doing.

doTERRA graphics that are too busy and cluttered will confuse and overwhelm potential customers and builders. The goal is to attract new customers and builders, not scare them away! You want to keep your designs simple so that your message is clear. Remember, less is more.

Free Essential Oil Resources doTERRA
When it comes to graphic design – less is more! Use this tutorial to learn how to make your designs more legible and effective by keeping it simple.

Want to improve your graphic design skills? Essentially Empowering has many pre-made doTERRA graphics, Canva templates, and tutorials to help you design like a professional!

2) Create engaging content

Posts that ask questions will encourage interactions from your current customers and builders, as well as peak the interest of potential new customers and builders. 

A question like What would you do with an extra $250/month? can help you find new builders by starting a conversation that will lead into teaching them about Power of 3!

Create a plan to attract new customers by asking questions that will lead to a follow up conversation about how essential oils have benefitted you, or how you would like to share a free essential oil sample with them!

Here are some examples of posts with engaging questions:

These example doTERRA graphics and Canva templates for Wellness Advocates can be found on Essentially Empowering

3) Share customer testimonials regularly

You know when a new movie comes out that everyone is raving about and the more you hear about it, the more you want to see that movie?? The same concept applies here! 

Posting rave reviews from your doTERRA customers and builders will create a buzz around what you are doing, and attract new people to want to get great results for themselves! 

We recommend posting these weekly. Here are a bunch of customer testimonial Canva templates to help you!

Free Essential Oil Resources doTERRA

4) Use call-to-actions in your posts

Inviting someone to “comment below if an extra $250-1500/month would improve your life” or “message me to request an essential oil sample” for example, is a great way to actively create leads and grow your business using social media.

Here are some examples of this:

These example Canva templates can be found on Essentially Empowering

5) Get specific

We’re sure you’ve heard people talk about finding your “niche” – but what is a niche and why is it important? We aren’t going to go into the details here, because it’s a big topic. But we’ll keep it simple by saying be specific with your posts and your hashtags

Narrowing in on specific topics will help you reach people who are looking for specific solutions (this applies to both attracting customers and finding new builders)

Here’s an example of getting specific, using hashtags:

If you search for the tag #essentialoils on instagram, you’ll see that there are 12.5 million posts using that hashtag. If you use this hashtag, the likelihood of your post being seen among 12.5 million other posts is slim to none.

Now search for a more specific tag, like #essentialoilsforsleep – you’ll see that this hashtag has only 6.5K posts, and that #sleeptipsandtricks has only 5.6k posts. By using hashtags like these, you significantly increase your chances of being seen.

Plus, something like #sleeptipsandtricks is not specific to essential oil users, but it is specific to people who need solutions for better sleep. Meaning that the people seeing it are likely people who aren’t already using essential oils and have a need that you can provide a solution to. Ding ding ding! 

Free Essential Oil Resources doTERRA

Try this example out for yourself! Use this Canva template to create a post about essential oils for sleep using some specific hashtags.

don’t forget to share your results with us: Tag Essentially Empowering in doTERRA Wellness Advocate Graphics & Resource Sharing Group.


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