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Essentially Empowering was created to provide design guidance and inspiration to Wellness Advocates with all levels of design experience – with our Premium plans, you’ll be a design expert in no time!

Build and promote your doTERRA business online with ease and efficiency!

Free resources

Our free resources are everything a wellness advocate needs to build a successful doTERRA business online.

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With access to our video tutorials, you’ll be a design expert in no time! Our tutorials will teach you tips and tricks of design, and how to use online tools to efficiently grow your doTERRA business.

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From social media design template bundles, to class presentations with speaker notes to guide you through! Our Premium content was designed to help every doTERRA Wellness Advocate operate efficiently and effectively!

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What do I get with the Free Membership?

All Wellness Advocates signed up through our Free Membership Plan have unlimited access to any of our free downloads and tutorials. This includes product information, educational material, business training resources, and more!

How often do you release new content?

We are always working on creating great new resources to add to Essentially Empowering! That being said, we do not make any promises as to how many new resources will be added at any given time. Please be patient with us as we strive to design the best for you!

Is Essentially Empowering working for Canva?

We do not work for Canva! We just love the tool and know the value it can add to your business. This is why we chose to promote Canva on our own platform.

What sets Essentially Empowering apart from other resource subscriptions for Wellness Advocates?

Aside from affordability, and the convenience of not having to add your own watermarks onto our material; We believe that less is more! Our well organized library and search functionality will save you from scrolling through hundreds of pages to find what you are looking for! Our goal is to teach and empower you to create the content that YOU want - and we aim to provide you with efficiency and convenience!

Can I buy Premium downloads on the Free membership?

Yes! Even those of you on our Free Membership Plan have the ability to make an individual purchase any of our Premium resources at any time!

Can I cancel at any time?

Our memberships are flexible and you do have the ability to cancel at anytime! However, it is up to you to keep track of when your subscription will go through each month - much like LRP! We will not give refunds if you forget to cancel.