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The #1 Secret to Teaching a Back to Basics doTERRA Essential Oil Class With Confidence

By following these 6 simple steps, any new Wellness Advocate can teach a Back to Basics  essential oil class like a pro!

For any new Wellness Advocate, teaching a doTERRA essential oil class can seem scary and overwhelming! We’re here to make it easy for you, so that you can teach your classes with confidence. 

Triple Diamond, Allyse Sedivy’s Back to Basics model for building a doTERRA business has been proven successful for so many people! However, at first glance, the class scripts found in the Back to Basics Workbook can seem like a LOT to memorize. The secret is to KEEP IT SIMPLE and learn the class one step at a time.

We’ve Broken down the Back to Basics class into 6 parts to make it easy to memorize and to teach:

Start by learning and memorizing these 6 parts in their simplest form. It will make it so much easier for you to then study and practice the scripts in the workbook to expand on each point in detail. 

Part 1: Class Introduction

This is the easiest part. You’ve been introducing yourself to people your entire life, you got this! Try your best to be personable and relatable. Despite what many may think, you don’t need to put yourself on a pedestal in order to have credibility as a teacher, just be real!

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Part 2: Three Cool Things

Back to Basics Class 3 cool things about essential oils doTERRA

After introducing yourself, you start the class by teaching 3 cool things about essential oils: 

1) Essential oils are 100% natural and safe. 

2) They are more effective than many medications. 

3) They are cheaper than traditional medical care.

Part 3: Three Ways To Use

Back to Basics 3 ways to use essential oils doTERRA

This is the part of the class where you teach about the different ways to use essential oils: 

1) Aromatic Use

2) Topical Use

3) Internal Use

This part of the class is when you open it up for testimonials from your guests you have given samples to, and to your team members in attendance. 

Part 4: Three Ways To Purchase

Back to Basics 3 ways to purchase essential oils doTERRA

Now that you’ve taught about how great essential oils are, and they’ve had some awesome oil experiences, you want to teach them about the 3 ways to purchase doTERRA:

1) Retail

2) Wholesale – 25% below retail

3) Below Wholesale – the best way to buy!

This is when you would present a select few of doTERRA’s “most popular” kits! 

You will explain how enrolling with a kit means that you get even more savings, beyond the wholesale price, and the opportunity to take part in the Loyalty Rewards Program – it’s like getting cash back!

Part 5: Three Types of People at an Essential Oil Class

Back to Basics 3 types of people at an essential oil class doTERRA

Next you’ll explain the 3 types of people that typically attend your classes:

1) Person #1 is excited to live a natural lifestyle

2) Person #2 wants to share doTERRA with their friends

3) Person #3 wants to educate others about the power of essential oils

This presents to them that there are opportunities for everyone, and invites them to reach out to you if they want to share oils, or build a doTERRA business of their own. We don’t like to be salesy or pushy with this, just present the options!

Part 6: Closing the Class

Back to Basics Class doTERRA - closing a class

This is the most important part of the class, because it’s when we get to connect with them more personally, and help them find solutions. This part could change their life. Don’t skip it! 

1) Help each guest find the best solution for their health needs and goals

2) Support them in deciding on the right kit – or schedule a class or personal wellness consult with them.

After you’ve memorized these 6 parts in order, you’re ready to study the scripts in the Back to Basics Workbook!

We would also recommend watching this video of Allyse teaching her class. Watch it as many times as you need to before you feel comfortable practicing the class scripts on your own!

Here are more resources to support you and your team in teaching a successful essential oil class:

Slide Presentation – How To Teach An Essential Oil Class

Slide Presentation – Intro To Essential Oils Class


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